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The Circus Concert Part Two There were many monetary ingredient to a circus that combined to create overall profitability. The never ending vending of food, drink and novelty items during the performance. The last minute availability of comfortable reserve seating...

- October 29, 2013
THE CIRCUS CONCERT  The most recognized or often used definition of the word, "concert," suggests some sort of musical performance, however digging deeper, you'll find another meaning; something connected to or working in harmony with something else.  The circus...

New book by Dean Jensen and WORLD OF WONDERS! - July 14, 2013
New book by Dean Jensen and World of Wonders is on the road!

NEW Novel by Johnny Meah... Published! March 10, 2012 - March 10, 2012

Meah Banners in Hollywood Blockbuster - June 14, 2011
Fans of Johnny Meah, (who at least some of you have heard of), and Mickey Rourke, Megan Fox and Bill Murray, (who nearly all of you have heard of), the long awaited release of Passion Play is here and...

3 NEW PRINTS NOW AVAILABLE - December 4, 2010
3 NEW MEAH PRINTS NOW AVAILABLE $35 EACH (Includes Shipping) To Order Send Check or M.O. To: Johnny Meah 315 5th Ave. N. Safety Harbor, Florida 34695 (Original 4 Prints Still Available)...

Mosby & Company Auctions - November 11, 2010
Today, within our massive mass media, business people often speak of "the great competition for the entertainment dollar." Well, that is nothing new. Ask Johnny Meah; he'll tell you it was as tough - if not tougher - in...

Auction of Bob McCord Banner Collection - April 23, 2009
Some of my readers were familiar with Bob, if not on a personal basis at least by reputation. The auction, to be held in Frederick, Maryland on May 15th, will feature approximately 50% of Bob's banner collection, along with other...

CZAR NEWS #17: Meah's Stuff - March 26, 2009
Out of all forms of comedy, observational humor has always topped my personal preference list. One of my favorite evergreen pieces is George Carlin's "All My Stuff", which is based on a simple premise. The compressed version of "All My...


CZAR NEWS #15: Greetings from the Czar - January 29, 2008
Meah Banners at this years Florida State Fair.

CZAR NEWS #14: A Special Offer! - January 17, 2005
The long awaited third edition of "Freaks, Geeks and Strange Girls" is now available. This edition, the first by Ron Turner's prestigious Last Gasp Publications, is totally faithful to the quality of the original in every respect.

CZAR NEWS #13 - October 17, 2004
Character Assassination by Johnny Meah. Let me quickly put your minds at ease by telling you that this isn't a diatribe about false accusations. Most will agree that as the political campaigns heat up, we're already overdosed on that sort of thing.

CZAR NEWS #12 - September 28, 2004
Rather than treating these many months of silence as a gap needing to be filled, I'll simply say that I've been incredibly busy. September marks the culmination of many of the projects I've been working on and, since they're all newsworthy, there's much to share with my faithful subscribers.

CZAR NEWS #11 - February 24, 2004
Johnny is hard at work consulting on the second season of HBO's fabulous series "Carnivale," but he hasn't forgotten us. In the meantime, some good news for everyone who emailed about buying the out-of-stock Meah prints.

CZAR NEWS #10 - February 9, 2004
Here is part 2 of Johnny's Buskerfest tale. If you enjoy Johnny's stories, be sure to check out more. Autographed copies of Johnny Meah's "Polidore" are now available!

CZAR NEWS #9 - November 3, 2003
We're back! After an extended leave we are back and busier than ever. Johnny's first novel, "Polidore" is out now. Written from the perspective of a road weary warrior, Meah escorts you to the shadow world behind the bigtop and advises, with a wink, that it may not be exactly what you expected to find back there.

CZAR NEWS #8 - January 17, 2003
It's my fault. Seriously, it is ALL my fault. Many of you have written in, wondering when the next Meah story would arive. Some of you even sounded desperate for even the tiniest, little Meah story.

CZAR NEWS #7: The Lot Man, Part 3 - July 3, 2002
Ahhh, it is good to be back! Various and sundry personal events and projects have kept us apart far too long, but here, at last, is the final installment of Johnny's Lot Man tale.

CZAR NEWS #6: The Lot Man, Part 2 - February 27, 2002
If you are in or near the Central Florida area, drag yourself out of work early this Friday, March 1 and head on over for the opening reception of Johnny's show at the DeLand Museum of Art, "Bizarre Brushstrokes: The Art of the American Sideshow!"

CZAR NEWS #5: The Lot Man, Part 1 - February 6, 2002
The stores are filled with candy hearts and the cable networks are trotting out all the usual romantic comedies so it must be February. And what's so special about February, you ask? Well, it means we are only a month away from Johnny's Opening Night Reception AND performance at the Deland Museum of Art here in sunny Florida!

CZAR NEWS #4 - December 5, 2001
For the past twelve years, with the notable exception of last year, I've done a personal holiday card for friends and family. Just lighthearted little greetings that amused both myself in their creation and those who received them. Much has changed for us as a nation this year, but the spirit of the two fellows on my 2001 card is still, as the bullet on the banner indicates, very much "alive."

CZAR NEWS #3 - November 27, 2001
Can you keep a secret? Me too -- so I'm not going to tell you how this illusion works! Most illusions originated as stage presentations and were one of several visual mysteries presented in a magicians program. The basic ingredients required to produce this astonishing effect are so incredibly low-tech that the original "headless illusion" could easily date back several centuries.

CZAR NEWS #2 - October 26, 2001
Nate Eagle was a true showman's showman. He was a classy guy -- not excessively flamboyant but classy. He knew how to extract the most from the talent he presented but also took the time to know and understand "his people" and be both a good boss and a good friend.

CZAR NEWS #1: WELCOME FRIENDS! - September 1, 2001
If you're one of the many people who signed up for my website and then started wondering if the site was just a quirky prank on my part, here it is -- at last. Due to the ever-shifting sands of the entertainment industry, a good portion of my life has been about reinventing myself. With that thought in mind, it would logically follow that the idea of having a website was met with cartwheeling enthusiasm. Wrong!


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