Johnny Meah

The Czar of Bizarre


Side shows may be gone, but the wonderful tales and colorful characters who populated them live on right here. Musings, memories, reflections, and rants, (often times accompanied by pretty pictures), this archive of history on a time and place that no longer exists in America is told first-hand by the Czar himself. Come back often for new articles, and enjoy the ones we have here.

Anyone who's enjoyed Johnny Meah's writing in the widely acclaimed banner art book, Freaks, Geeks and Strange Girls, his magazine articles or his serialized internet stories, will find his first novel, Polidore, fascinating.

The Truth
The mysteries of life, revealed right here for the first time ever!

The Great
The Reasonably Competent Johnny Meah rants about people's titles, and why he prefers not to be called "The Great."

The Frog Prince
"The Most Unforgettable Person I've Ever Met."

Cunning Crafters of Dreams
The Czar reminisces on his three favorite sideshow banner artists, and tells the tale of how one of them lead him to become a banner artist.


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